That's better - someone turned the lights on.


Well, here's what I really look like. OK, stand up the one who preferred the frog! This must have been one of the rare occasions when 'Im Indoors was taking me out somewhere, en route to Düsseldorf, actually - I'm not in working clothes, so it's a very unusual photo! Incidentally the frogs are a hobby, I've got loads of them - china ones, bronze ones, plastic ones, cloth ones, furry ones - you name it, they're scattered around the house. Frogs are compulsory on birthday cards, e-mails, stationery, etc., etc..

Talking of Birthday Cards - no, I'm not telling you how old I am - but this is what I want for my next Birthday - or the one after - or any time ......

No, it's not a frog - it's a Corvette. This one would do nicely, but any 'Vette would do. 1957 was a gem - but I'm not really fussy. Any of these would do .....

     vette1   vette2   vette3   vette4


                                     If you want to see more 'Vettes, you could try GM's website - the Corvette area or the Corvette Museum

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