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Here I  am - peering into the webcam (usually turned off - don't want to frighten anyone!)  Who am I (I often ask myself)? I'm BobBob Henson, born too long ago (1943 - if you promise not to tell anyone) in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, but since the early 1970s domiciled in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Tetbury is a lovely Cotswold Market town, once a very wealthy centre of the Wool Trade. I'm a retired pharmacist, and have worked in pharmacy for most of the time since I qualified at Manchester University in 1966. I did stray off into the insurance business for a while, and then into Medical Sales, but I came back into community pharmacy when I bought my own business (Norman Bell Chemists - the name of my predecessor - in Tetbury). I had the honour of being granted the Royal Warrant to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, whose country home, Highgrove, is nearby. When times became too hard for small businesses, I moved into a new pharmacy in the local MRomney Houseedical Practice's surgery. That's the building in the picture (it used to be the Sir William Romney School) - it doesn't really lean at that crazy angle (cheap wide angle lens) but it certainly hasn't got a lot of straight lines and square corners. A couple of years back we were bought out by another company, and I worked there for them as Pharmacy Manager until I retired at the end of February 2010. I'm now working out what I'm going to do with myself, and how I'm going to ration my time between the various ideas. I don't know how I ever found time for a full-time job - being retired is already proving hard work. Sue (see Sue's pages ) is threatening dire consequences if the house isn't spotless and dinner isn't ready when she gets home from work! Fair dues, now she's the breadwinner, she calls the shots. She's given me a new title - Domestic Manager. Posh, is it not?

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