What do I do ?


A bit of a late developer, I've been catching up on all the bits I didn't do when I was a youngster. Over the last few years, I've done a three year psychodynamic counselling course, a GCSE psychology course, and, switching to something more practical, I passed my Certificate in Personnel Practice exam with flying colours (CIPD Student of the Year Award for our locality) so I'm now an "Assoc. C.I.P.D." (Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). 'Im Indoors says he'll make me a .wav file up so you can all hear me "blowing my own trumpet".  :-) 

I did all this in the evenings whilst working during the day with 'Im Indoors in our pharmacy. Just to stop him sulking if he doesn't get a mention, here we are in the old pharmacy, with my friend Alison. We both went off into retail management - His Nibs claims it's his training that did it ! I was a manager in the shoe industry where, amongst other things, I devised a scheme for recruiting for my region using an interview scheme I designed from the knowledge I gained on my personnel course. I'd hoped to go on to specialise in recruitment and training, so I moved on to working in Customer Liaison for  a vacuum cleaner manufacturer, hoping this may lead on to the personnel side, but no joy there. Then I worked in the office at a firm that imports and sells Chimeneas, "real fire" patio heaters and garden accessories. Finally I got to use my HR qualification working for the NHS.




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